Vortec truck, Gen.I crate motors and ZZ4, roller cam, one piece rear seal: 12550592 : 97-up : 350 : crossbolted block, Gen.III, LS1, aluminum: Add the two numbers together and divide by 2. i have removed camshaft welsh plug to see numberbut cant identify numbers help would be appricated.i nee to see what size converter i would need. It doesn't indicate a different cam or an earlier or later version. item 7 1957-1963 Corvette Camshaft GM 3736098 Solid Lifter 283 Sp Hi Perf 327/340 360hp 1957-1963 Corvette Camshaft GM 3736098 Solid Lifter 283 Sp Hi Perf 327/340 360hp. Thanks, Gary in N.Y. P.S. If you want to know where the intake centerline is located, all you have to do is install the cam in the engine and then degree the cam. The 7661-11 is a serial number specific to that camshaft only. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Anyone have any idea what make and specs are of this cam? Since 2003, Jeff has held various positions at Car Craft (including editor), has written books on small block Chevy performance, and even cultivated an impressive collection of 1965 and 1966 Chevelles. For instance, the number for a Toyota 3SGE would be CS 3SGE. This figure is derived by adding the intake center line plus the exhaust center line and dividing by two. When referring to LSAs, the larger the number, the more degrees of separation between the intake and exhaust lobes. A 'VE Table' is one of two methods used to control fuel delivery, typically the secondary method with the primary being a MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor). The suffix provides the. Which cam are you refering to that helped your son achieve 11.80? 52.01.07 Hi, I have a cam that trying to figure out the specs on. However, most cams intended for street use are ground with several degrees of advance. .390 .410 310 320 1.50 in 1968, it was the cam for the 307/200hp; 327/210hp, 250hp, 275hp, 300hp; and 350/295hp. The markings on end of cam is 300C6 and X6733. CWC is the foundry that cast the cam blank. In 1971, it was the cam for the 307/200hp; 350/245hp, 270hp; and 400/255hp. This sometimes is tagged stressing when you can just tell by looking at numbers, but in the absence of a degree when or dial indicator, an analog is required to make your best decision. With this intake lobe: 0.328 x 1.7 = 0.5576-inch, which COMProunds off to 0.558-inch. The LS engine is designated 54 and this number is generally the first two numbers that define the actual cam part number. Quick View. I have Comp Cams camshaft. The 8th digit of the VIN. The radiator, hoses, timing assembly, belts and fan will need to be removed to access the camshaft. They are not so much of the speeding type. Hey. For as simple as this product appears, it is actually a very complicated piece of engineering if you study it closely. If you have ever heard that the new style 235 gets better compression numbers with an "848" Head, look for the last three numbers of that Casting Number. My grandfather was one of their 1st employees when they started out as Cambell, Wyant, and Cannon back in the early 1900s. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The GM Generation I and Generation II (LT) engine families are both derived from the longstanding Chevrolet small block V8.The Generation III small-block V8 was a "clean sheet" design, which replaced the Gen I and Gen II engine families in 2002 and 1995 respectively.. Like the previous two generations, the Buick and Oldsmobile small blocks, the Gen III/IV can be found in many different brands. You can basically find it in the center of the cam between the lobes. That gives us our first clue where to look for the rest of the numbers. How Long Does it Take Transmission Fluid to Circulate? . Come join the discussion about performance, builds, restoration, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, reviews, and more! Looking for 4311-4314-r106 Q 7388-04 CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE I CAN LOOK THE SPECS UP! If you are confused as to which cam you should buy for your beast, Crane has you covered. It is a mode of identification used by manufacturers. can you help me to decode this cam . We found it under the heading of Xtreme RPM for LS1 lobes, Hi Lift. *54-55 passenger W/PG, 56-58 passenger. It has a taper inside the lobe which ensures the lifter can spin. I purchased a used hydraulic roller camshaft from a friend that was originally used in an LS1 engine. A Solid Lifter Camshaft for 1970 1971 and 1972 Camaro Z28 or Corvette with the 350 LT1 Small Block Motor. If we didn't already know this was an LS cam, the first thing we would want to do is determine the engine [], it seems like you can barely write,you need education, I bought pair of cams for my 99 mustang 4.6 i was told they are stage 2 cams but i wanted to be sure before taking old ones off can u please help me identify them will they improve my pony thank u very much sir. Thank you ,This has been very helpful. Displacing 2.4 liters in an inline-four configuration, the LEA is part of the Ecotec engine. The HI-PO color coded stripes on the camshaft end are green, orange and red. Any time you are making this kind of important decision about your engine, it's . Thank you, if you can help, send me an e mail and I will send you a picture. GM 6930 , 6964 and 5054. 366298.4Bowtie, Aluminum, billet main caps, 3.398" bore with sleeves, two piece rear main seal. The essence of knowing how to identify your camshaft makes it easy to avoid errors, unnecessary bills, and frustrations that come along with having the wrong camshaft. The 4 digit ID on the camshaft core is 1529, which if correct I believe is for a 327 engine. journal.3.00" stroke3876768.283.forged..small journal.3.00" stroke3884577.327.forged..small journal.3.25" stroke3892690.350.forged..medium journal3.48" stroke3911001.307,327cast.medium journal3.25" stroke3911011.307,327cast.medium journal3.25" stroke3914672.327.forged..medium journal3.25" stroke3923279.302.forged..medium journal3.00" stroke3932442..267,305,350..castmedium journal3.48" stroke3941174.307,327cast.medium journal3.25" stroke3941178.302.forged..medium journal3.00" stroke3941182.350.forged..medium journal3.48" stroke3941188.350.forged..medium journal3.48" stroke3949847.283..forged or cast..sm. 139536 93B2B, I have a solid roller cam has cc 950 k5462 r6 292-5 296-6 stamped on front help with specs, I am just trying to decode the cam out of my 400m. The next information engraved on the cam was HR 114. Copyright 1995-2021 The Jalopy Journal: Steal our stuff, we'll kick your teeth in. many years ago! Re: camshaft identification. Stamped on end is Z099, also has three pink dots above that stamping. In 1973, it was the cam for the 307/115hp; 350/145hp, 175hp, 190hp; and 400/150hp. by Greenlight Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:56 pm. I hope it helps you identify the Chevrolet engine parts you are working on. The first two numbers are the degrees of opening being 210 for the intake and 218 degrees for the exhaust given normally at .050 inch of lift. Each family of cam lobes has its own numerical designation with the same basic configuration, usually encompassing multiple individual durations that also might include changes in lobe lift. To decipher these codes, we accessed COMPs website at compcams.com. The Chevy part number for that cam is 3896929. Do not enter the -2 on dual cams part numbers or the (I) that indicates intake or (E) for exhaust. JAMSI is a trusted source of automotive engine parts. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. For the intake centerline method, once the cam is installed and TDC is established on the degree wheel, then roll the cam around until the dial indicator signals maximum lift. The EP1 (not EPI) indicates that it was cast for Engine Power Components. Casting numbers used on factory 366ci tall deck engines (some used on multiple engines): *ending 328: 1980 through 1991. 330864..68-84ovalOPEN396, 402, 366T, 427T, 454 Truck330865..68-84ovalOPEN396, 402, 366T, 427T, 454 Truck330866..68-78ovalOPEN366T, 427T330867..68-73ovalOPEN427T336765..68-78ovalOPEN427T336768..73-76ovalOPEN427T336781..73-85ovalOPEN454, 118cc chamber, 256/114cc ports343771..68-86ovalOPEN366T, 427T, 454343772..68-86ovalOPEN366T, 427T, 454343783..70-76ovalOPEN454 Truck346236..75-87ovalOPEN454, 120cc chamber, 225/116cc ports352625..70-76ovalOPEN454 Truck353049..73-84ovalOPEN454, 122cc chamber, 255/119cc ports366765..74-78ovalOPEN427T473328..68-69ovalOPEN366T3856206.65-66oval..CLOSED..396, 97cc chamber3856208.65rect..CLOSED..396/425hp, 109cc chamber 396/375hp "Z-16" Chevelle3856213.66-82oval..CLOSED..366T, 427T3856260.68oval..CLOSED..396 Truck3872702.65-66oval..CLOSED..396, 427, 98cc chamber3873858.65-67rect..CLOSED..396, 427, 109cc chamber3876875.77-85ovalOPEN427T3904390.67oval..CLOSED..396, 427, 98cc chamber3904391.67rect..CLOSED..396, 427, 107cc chamber3904392.67rect..CLOSED..427, Aluminum, L88, L89, 107cc chamber3904393.68-76ovalOPEN366T3908952.67ovalOPEN427, "M.Truck", Marine3909802.67oval..CLOSED..396, 427, 101cc chamber3917215.67-68oval..CLOSED..396, 427, 101cc chamber3917219.68-85ovalOPEN366T, 427T3919840.67-69rect..CLOSED..396, 427,107cc chamber3919842.68-69rect..CLOSED..396, 427, Aluminum L88, L89, 107cc chamber3931063.68-69oval..CLOSED..396, 402, 427, 101cc chamber3933148.69-84ovalOPEN'69 396/265hp, 366T, 427T, 112cc chamber3933149.68-76ovalOPEN427T, 122cc chamber3935401.68-76ovalOPEN427T3946074.69&71rectOPEN'69 427 L88, ZL1, Aluminum, 118cc chamber '71 454 LS6, "round exhaust port"3964290.69-70oval..CLOSED..396, 402, 427, 454, 101cc chamber Large or small hex spark plugs used3964291.69-72rect..CLOSED..396, 402, 427, 454, 109cc chamber, Large or small hex spark plugs used, crate motor usage in years after 1970.3965198.68-69oval..CLOSED..396 Truck3975950.68-70ovalOPEN396, 402 Truck, 366T, 427T3986133.68-85ovalOPEN366T, 427T, 454 Truck3986135.69-73ovalOPEN366T, 427T3986136.68-84ovalOPEN366T, 427T, 454 Truck3993820.71ovalOPEN402, 113cc chamber, 255/114 ports3993820.71-84ovalOPEN454 Passenger and Trucks, 113cc chamber, 255/114 ports3994026.71rectOPEN454 LS6, 118cc chamber3999241.72ovalOPEN402, 454, 113cc chamber, 6272292.70-78ovalOPEN402, 4546272990.70-uprectOPEN454 service replacement, used on some MKIV crate engines, 118cc chamber10045427..rect.Pontiac/Chevy Aluminum, 91cc chamber Large Port, race10049875..rect.Pontiac/Chevy Aluminum Small port, race10051128..rect.Bowtie, Aluminum 72cc chambers Symmetrical ports10051129..rect.Bowtie, Aluminum "raw" casting, Symmetrical ports10052902..ovalOPENMkIV, 427T1010114091-upoval..CLOSED..Gen.V 366T, 427T1011415691-upovalOPENGen.V & VI 454, 118cc chamber1014127996-upoval..CLOSED.."Vortec 7400", 100cc chambers1048705277-90ovalOPEN366T1236339196-upovalOPENBowtie, Aluminum, Signature Series, fits MKIV, Gen.V, Gen.VI, 110cc chamber1236340196-uprectOPENBowtie, Aluminum, Signature Series, fits MKIV, Gen.V, Gen.VI, 118cc chamber1255816201-upoval..CLOSED..Gen.VII,"Vortec 8100", 8.1L, 496, truck1256024198-upoval..CLOSED.."Vortec 7400", 100cc chambers1256293291-95ovalOPENGen.V, truck crate motor, 118cc chambers1256293391-95ovalOPENGen.V, 118cc chambers1256293400-uprectOPENGen.VI 502 Marine1401107769-uprectOPENAluminum, fits MKIV, "C-port" 118cc chamber, also sold as a "solid" head1404486184-96rect.Bowtie, Aluminum, MkIV, "raised runners", 1st design, 105cc chamber1404486196-uprect.Bowtie, Aluminum, Signature Series, fits MKIV, Gen.V, Gen.VI "raised runners", 2nd design, 115cc chamber1404486184-96rect.Bowtie, Aluminum, MkIV "raw" casting of "861" MKIV 1st design1408104578-87ovalOPEN4541408105285-87ovalOPEN366T, 427T, 454 Truck, Marked "HiPerf"1409235986-90ovalOPEN366T, 427T, Marked "HiPerf"1409236086-90ovalOPEN454 Truck, "peanut" round ports1409618870-71rectOPEN454 service replacement, also used on later Mark IV LS-6, LS-7 and 454 HO crate motors, 116cc chamber1409708891-uprectOPENGen.V 454/502 HO, 118cc chamber2450258597rect.Olds/Chevy, DRCE 2, Pro Stock aluminum, for blocks w/4.900" bore spacing2553440404rect.Olds/Chevy, DRCE 3, Pro Stock, aluminum, for blocks with 4.900" bore spacing, Oval includes both "peanut" (also called "round") ports and large oval ports, Copyright EngineRepairShop.com 2011-2023 Privacy Policy Disclaimer. However, remember what to do after replacing your camshaft sensor in your car to avoid another frustration. Privacy Policy. 1130.327.forged..mediumjournal3.25" stroke1178.302.forged..medium journal3.00" stroke1181.305,350cast.medium journal3.48" stroke1182.350.forged..medium journal3.48" stroke2680.327.forged..small journal.3.25" stroke2690.350.forged..medium journal3.48" stroke3279.302.forged..medium journal3.00" stroke3474.283.forged..small journal.3.00" stroke, military tank use4577.327.forged..small journal.3.25" stroke4672.327.forged..medium journal3.25" stroke310514..350.cast.medium journal3.48" stroke330550..350.cast.medium journal3.48" stroke354431..262.cast.medium journal3.10" stroke3727449.283.forged..small journal.3.00" stroke3729449.265.forged..small journal.3.00" stroke3734627.327.forged..small journal.3.25" stroke3735236.265,283forged..small journal.3.00" stroke3735263.283.forged..small journal.3.00" stroke3782680.327.forged..small journal.3.25" stroke3814671.327.forged..small journal.3.25" stroke3815822..265,283,302.forged..small journal.3.00" stroke3835236.283.forged..small journal.3.00" stroke3836266.283.forged..small journal.3.00" stroke3848847.283.forged or cast..sm. We have it in internal combustion engines and some electric motor speed controllers. We investigated a couple of our Comp off-the-shelf LS cams and found they were ground with 5 degrees of advance, but that is no guarantee that your camshaft is ground that way. Indestructableforce - 6930 is the last four digits of the cam's casting number, 3896930, which also has a horizontal diamond for the casting symbol. The engine needs to function by opening the valve with the help of the camshaft. The Chevy Big Block's Camshafts can be identified by a number that is cast or stamped and is usually located in between the CAM lobes. How does this compare to the 69 dz 30/30/ cam? This number should be on your camshaft, followed by a number of degrees. On the home page, we looked for the Information tab and then clicked on Catalogs. To obtain specifications on a Crower cam please enter the part number (00242, 15210, etc) or custom work order number (E23456, A7890, etc) located on the end of the camshaft. Show More Show Less. Good Day: I can't help you in regards to who actually did the final grinding. Your camshaft is important; your engine isnt meaningful without the contribution of the Camshaft. Understanding Cam Design. . Terms of Service. The lobes are also listed with various theoretical valve liftsthe one were interested in would be the LS1s 1.7:1 rocker ratio that delivers 0.558-inch of lift. GM is recalling seven. They include: The essence of knowing how to identify your camshaft makes it easy to avoid errors, unnecessary bills, and frustrations that come along with having the wrong camshaft. The Chevy orange will appear as new for decades.Gear shifting is accomplished with a rebuilt 1960's HURST Competition Plus shifter specific to the C2 Corvette w/Borg Warner which is extremely rare.Ignition is handled by a computerized multiple spark discharge controller providing instantaneous throttle response by way of multiple sparking at . Camshafts are stamped by the manufacturers as a means of identification. I have a new cam was told it was a comp cam # 1136 230780 any ideas on cam specks. This is what is on the cam, it would not let me past a picture here. I have this in a recent purchase5.3 cast-iron ls engine numbers are256373-18and 32340135Im at a loss..can you please help Jeff?.cheers dave. Chevy Cam Part Number Location Chevrolet Big Block Camshaft Types Chevrolet installed Three different types of Camshafts on the Big Block Engines. How to Catch Someone Putting Nails in Your Tires (5 Best Ways), Method 2: You can Identify with Stamp Numbers, what to do after replacing your camshaft sensor in your car. This card reveals the basic information you need to identify, properly install, and degree the camshaft in the engine. It is 8 figured random numbers and sometimes 9 figures with the last 4 numbers identifying the specific function of the Cam Shaft. The recall affects several models of heavy duty Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras with optional engine block heaters. In 1969, it was the cam for the 307/200hp; 327/210hp, 235hp; and 350/250hp, 255hp, 300hp. The specs you have listed above for that 115835 part number is correct, the L/S is 109* instead of 110*. These markings will usually be in the center of the camshaft, obviously in between the valve lobes. I was pretty careful with the float settings etc and it fired right up when put back on! This will give you the intake centerline. Any info helps, or where I can find. They dont own the name flat, but the lobes of roller camshafts are perfectly flat. We found it under the heading of Xtreme RPM for LS1 lobes, Hi Lift. That gives us our first clue where to look for the rest of the numbers. The grind number is the ever noted number, far and more recognized than the model number. A DOHC is known as a dual overhead cam.
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